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Trading as:
TONY FORD GEO CON P.L., ACN 168 187 424, ABN 971 681 874 24
AD FORD, Sole Trader, ABN 13 797 801 527

Bachelor of Applied Science (Geology) Bendigo CAE, May 1983

Former MWD & LWD Engineer, Directional Drilling Tool Engineer, Abnormal Pressure Detection & Data Engineer and Mud Logger

Tony Ford- Available as a consultant for oil, gas, coal and geothermal energy exploration, appraisal and development. Basic rate $1500/day door to door- not including travel, accommodation or meals. Self covered for Insurances [as a Prop.Ltd. and Sole Trader] for Public Liability, Professional Liability and Injury insurances through Parrymans and Elders Insurance companies. Postponed starting dates at quarter normal day rate. Hold a current licence for GeoScience Software 5.5.

The skills and experience held would be an asset to any upstream energy company in Australia.
Currently residing in Sale, Gippsland, Victoria. Prepared to travel Australia wide, train up on new equipment and new methods relating to the above fields.
Doug Short                          mob 040 820 4102 / P 08 8379 5757
Tim O’Brien                     mob 04299 61565 / P 03 99273500         
Andrew Farley        P 02 9397 1424  / mob 0408 581 795
Graham Pope                                Off  7 3222 0600 / mob 0413 043 282
Griff Weste                     off 08 8450 0407/ mob 04286 00110
Returned to field operations as Wellsite Geologist 2012 [Sole Trader] after ten year break due to family reasons. Established Tony Ford Geo Con P.L., 21 February 2013.
Since 2012, completed the following-

-WSG - Statoil, 5 wells - March to July 2014, Exploration, Southern Georgina Basin NT
-WSG - QER Ltd, January/February, 2014, CSG well Galilee Basin QLD: Ophir-04
-WSG - StrikeEnergy, December 2014- CSG well, Cooper Basin: Klebb-01
-WSG - Tellus/P.N.C, Cooper Basin, Sep-Nov 2013 with Doug Short -Cooper Basin: Pirie-01
-WSG - Lakes Oil NL; stratigraphic core, West Gippsland Dec'12-Jun'13: Yallourn Power-01
-WSG - GreenPowerEnergy Australia; coal core project - Oct'12 West Gippsland.

1983-2002: Fifteen years in two divisions
Halliburton Australia P.L. (Formerly Gearhart Australia P.L.). Two years in  Anadril, Schlumberger Australia. The divisions were employed in Oil and Gas exploration, appraisals, development. Participated in over 170 wells.  End Well Reports, Formation Evaluation Logs or Gamma logs.  Locations: Australia, North Sea, Philippines, Thailand and China Sea. Leading, communication, logistics and Liaison were key roles. Past Positions Offshore Onshore M.W.D./Directional Drilling Tool Engineer/L.W.D engineer Australia and Overseas; 1995 to 2002, Pore Pressure Analyst/Formation Evaluation Engineer. Australia, North Sea (UK), Thailand, Philippines; 1983 to 1989. Wellsite Geologist, Delhi Petroleum, SW Queensland, 1987-1988.

March to June 2014
Wellsite Geologist, Statoil, Southern Georgina Basin
OzAlpah-1, Ozbetta-1, Ozgamma-1, OzDelta-1 & OzEpsilon-1
Working with Michael Cane in a wellsite geologist team covering well 24 hours on 12 hr shifts. Picking casing depths, start of coring point and help deciding TD of well. Well conventional rotary drilled to coring point, and wireline retrieved coring operation to TD or through zones of interest. Work entailed describing cuttings and core, packing core/cuttings, despatching same; reporting to Operations Geologist Griff Weste, mudlog composition, monitoring coring operations and mudlogging operations and wireline operations, quality checking the final product thereof. Wells cased and suspended for further evaluation.
January 16 2014 to February 12 2014
Wellsite Geologist, Queensland Energy
Wellsite Geologist, QERL. Ophir-4. Picking casing depths, start of coring point and deciding TD of well. Well was conventional rotary drilled, and wireline retrieved coring operation to TD. Work entailed lagging, catching, describing and bagging dry ditch cuttings; mudlog composition; monitoring coring operations and processes and descriptions by third party geologists. Monitoring wireline operations and quality check the final product thereof, monitor FRT operation, help pick test intervals. Well cased and suspended as a water producer for land owner.
December 16 2013 to January 1 2014
Wellsite Geologist, Strike Energy Ltd
Wellsite Geologist, Strike Energy Ltd, Klebb-1. Monitor mudlogging operation on conventional rotary drilled well- mudlog composition; processes and descriptions by third party geologists. Monitoring wireline operations and quality check the final product thereof. Well cased and suspended as a potential coal gas producer.

September 2013 to November 2013 
Wellsite Geologist, Tellus/P.N.C
Night Wellsite Geologist, Tellus/PNC Pririe-1, with Doug Short. Gas and oil wildcat well, monitor mudlogging operation- mudlog composition; processes and descriptions by third party geologists. Monitoring wireline operations and quality check the final product thereof, Well cased and suspended as a potential coal gas producer. No significant discoveries.
December 2012 to June 2013  
Wellsite Assistant to Operations Geologist, Lakes Oil Pty Ltd
Wellsite Geologist and Assistant to Operations Geologist, Morwell, on Yallourn Power-1, logging progress, gas and returns for the tophole section and wireline retrieved core  to TD with detailed reporting on 740m of core. Well classified - Stratigraphic.
October   2012 Wellsite geologist GreenPower Energy Australia 
Inspecting coring operation East Trafalgar, West Gippsland, logging core [80m], wrapping 
 and packing and delivery of same to Mulgrave laboratory
Gap of ten years raising four children as widower.
Logging While Drilling 2000-2002
Schlumberger Australia- Anadrill,
Locations Australia- Moomba and Bass Strait
Trained in UK, 2001, for using the MWD and LWD downhole tools.
Measurement While Drilling, 1995 – 1999
Halliburton Drilling Systems, Level 2: DIS1 engineer on Fortescue, Cobia (1996/1997); HDS1/TRACS engineer on Bream-B / West Tuna (1997), Snapper-Moonfish and Flounder projects (1998) and TRACS engineer Hong Kong, China, 1999.
The TRACS and HDS tools were world leading technology at the time of the release. Moonfish project was one of the longest horizontally drilled wells in Australia. Trained on HDS tools in Fort Worth Texas 1996, 1997.
Pressure Data Analyst, 1989 – 1995
Halliburton Drilling Systems, North Sea, Australia and SE Asia as Senior Field Engineer.
Main duty Overpressure Data Detection Analysis. Liaison between Bass Strait SDL (Surface Data Logging) units and Melbourne Halliburton, Esso and BHP Offices. Helped develop use of PCs in the field for Australia, with the training in the North Sea, UK, Jan-Dec 1990. promoted to Second Man in the UK for eight-man crews, and Unit Manager of offshore and onshore logging units back in Australia, Thailand and the Philippines between 1991 and 1992.
Senior Logger, 1988 – 1989
Gearhart Geodata, Gearhart Australia
Unit Manager onshore or senior logger offshore, mudlogging Australia wide. Interesting drilling project in this period where we worked on 2 wells on converted mineral drilling rigs exploring for petroleum or metal deposits in far western QLD,  in the Georgina Basin, and in mid-North Northern Territory, and logging the continuous core. Another interesting project was at the top of the hills above Palm Valley, NT.
Wellsite Geologist, 1987 – 1988
Gearhart Geodata, Gearhart Australia
Wellsite Geologist Consultant to Delhi Petroleum in SW Queensland (Jackson area) for 4 wells, 1988.
Formation Evaluation Geologist or Logger, 1983 – 1987
Joined Gearhart Geodata Division, Gearhart Australia October 3
working Australia wide, initially NW Shelf then primarily Cooper basin as a formation evaluation or mudlogging geologist. Promotion to onshore operations Unit Manager  level by 1987. Worked in Bass Strait on the Snapper and Bream platforms, and with Bond Petroleum in the Arafura Sea 1986 on Drill Ship SEDCO 445.
 As a Wellsite geologist, mudlogger, MWD/LWD engineer, skills delivered, operational responsibilities-
·         Wellsite Geology
·         Liaison between wellsite drilling and geological teams to achieve project goals
·         Communication with the company operations and reservoir departments
·         collecting/compiling/collating of data for reports and logs
·         interpreting data for reports and logs
·         Evaluation, description of cuttings, cores and sidewall cores hand specimen and microscope
·         Analysis, evaluation and interpretation of gas data and ratio calculations
·         Elog/Geological/drilling data evaluation Interpretation and Correlation
·         Advising on formation pore pressure, drilling hazards and bit optimisation
·         Production and transmission of daily reports
·         Compilation of lithology log - HRH Winlog software for log construction and visualisation
·         Quality Assurance on service companies mudlogging, LWD, wireline, Directional Drilling
·         Coring, side wall coring and casing point selection
·         Liaison between wellsite drilling and geological teams to achieve project goals
·         Inspection of geological sample acquisition, storage and despatch
·         "Hot shot" sample selection and shipment
·         Wireline witnessing and selection of sample and testing points
·         Wireline "quick look" interpretation
·         Well data merging to computer systems and databases
·         Correlation with offset and regional wells and production of correlation panels
·         End of Well Reporting and production of final well and completion logs
·         Directional Drilling, MWD and LWD operations
·         training personnel, keeping time sheets, instrumentation and supplies up to date.
·         Geological Log Drafting by hand
·         Fitting-out, Installing, Commissioning mobile laboratories for computer based data acquisition
·         use of Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Databases, Webpage construction
·         use of fluoroscopy and gas chromatography and Gamma-ray logging of formations.
·         Quality assurance was a top priority with tight schedules to keep, completing reports before the next well started.·
·         Implementation of new computers and equipment was always an exciting challenge to overcome so to provide better services for our clients, and consider myself an adaptable and quick learner.
·         achieved a degree in Applied Geology, completing chemistry, physics, calculus and geo-statistics, and experience using a scanning electron microscope at that time

IT Certificate II 2009, Retail Certificate 2, 2008, LWD Tools, England, Schlumberger, March, 2001
Forklift Operator, March 2000, Workplace First Aid Certificate L2 1999
Power Boat handling, 1999, equivalent to NSW, QLD, SA boat licenses
TRACS Operations 1997, Current HUET 1997 to Aug 2000
Safety in the Workplace 1997, HDS-1 Operations 1996
Directional Drilling 1996, Introduction to Surveying & MWD 1996
LWD Applications 1996, LWD Log Analysis 1996, Augmented Bottom Hole Assembly 1995
How to Supervise People 1992, H2S Survival 1993, Performance Drilling System 1995
Fire Fighting & Survival Course 1990, Wireline Interpretation: Theo Grupping 1990
Client Relations 1990, Over-Pressure Detection 1990, Mudlogging, Instrumentation 1983


Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia  (member)
MCC  (member)
Australian Institute of Geoscientists  (past member)
Geological Society of Australia  (past member)
Melbourne PC Users Group  (past member)
Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (past member)

Gravitas WinLog/CoreLog
GeoScience Software 5.5.
Networking multiple PCs in office/home environment
Using Word Perfect, MSOffice (96, 2000, 2007, 2010 Excel, Word, Access.) to complete reports and various work, Windows 95 and 98, Millenium, XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Drafting, using Halliburton’s Computer Based Log DIS-1, HDS-1 and LDS software.
Assembling IBM compatibles for use with DOS and Windows [95 to 8.1]
Programming an integrator (a computerised controller and printer) to run a Gas Chromatograph.
Programming techniques and the BASIC computer language
Service Company Clients 1983-2002
Ampolex, Hamilton Brothers (UK,) Occidental (OXY) ,Bond Petroleum, KUFPEC, CHEVRON, Lakes Oil, Premier(UK) ,Phillips66(China), CSR Petroleum(QLD), LASMO(QLD), SAGSCO (Tas,SA,) Magellan, SANTOS, SOC, Esso Australia, MIM Petroleum, Hartogen (QLD), PetroEnergy, BHP Petroleum, BORAL, Inland Oil Company (QLD) Philidrill (Philippines), Delhi Petroleum, Diamond Shamrock(Aust), Marathon, TOTAL, Exxon, Mincor, Ultramar(Aust) ,Fletcher Challenge(Philippines), Minora, Unocal(Thailand), Fletcher Challenge(NZ) WAPET

Southern Georgina Basin
Galillee Basin QLD
Bass Strait Gippsland Basin VIC;
Carnarvon Basin, WA,
Canning Basin, WA;
Eromanga Basins, SA, QLD;
Georgina Basin, NT/QLD;
West onshore Otway Basin, VIC,SA
Great Artesian Basin, SA, QLD;
Macarthur River area, NT
Palm Valley Basin,NT;
Perth to Geraldton area, WA
Surat and Bowen Basins,QLD;
Timor Sea (ZOCA-Marathon)
The Northwest Shelf, Onslow to west of Barrow, off the Montebellos, to north of Broome to Timor Sea


UK North Sea, Northern Sector, 12 months
onshore Northern Thailand once
offshore Philippines (Busuanga) three times;
and South China Sea once.

Position Descriptions

LWD/M.W.D. engineer and TRACS operator or Logging/Measurement While Drilling, performing gamma ray logging & providing survey data for directional drilling for slightly to highly deviated wells, using a combination of surface sensors & computerised sensor monitoring, remote down-hole directional sensors & steering tools for onshore & offshore wells, both locally & overseas. The companies are usually in the forefront with new technology & the training for employees to use. Both U.S.A. based.

DE/DA or Data Engineer or Pore Pressure Analyst: Pore pressure analysis or prediction which uses computer based data acquisition to evaluate formation conditions to safely drill over-pressured claystone or under-pressured sandstone formations & detect potential blowout situations, as well as sample evaluation via SG of clay cuttings, methylene blue titration. I was a senior field engineer at this time.

Wellsite Geologist for four wells in south-west Queensland, lead mud-logger,
wire-line loggers, and from the logs deciding intervals for drill-stem testing of gas & oil formations,
sidewall coring depths,  looking after the clients’ best interests, & writing up End Of Well Reports.

Searching for oil and gas and monitoring safety while drilling like H2S gas or blowouts- water or hydrocarbons.
The work is in remote locations on drilling rigs onshore and offshore, Australia and overseas. computers,
producing hand-drafted or computer generated logs and reports for major oil company clients, leading small teams.

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