Sunday, 8 February 2015

Woodside Work

New Contract

Through Reservoir Dogs,  the latest contract has been for Woodside Petroleum, both based in Perth.

The operations Geologists are people I have worked with before, which makes the job that much more intense, you do not want to let old friends down!

Peter Gibson from Reservoir Dogs cold called from the blue as the Statoil contract was nearly through, but as it was only nearly through. I could not commit to immediate work that he had plainly immediately available- like in Victoria.

However, Westwern Asutralia work was up for grabs shortly too,and as the Statoil work finished I grabbed the opportunity as soon as I could.

This meant a HUET course,anther round of medical checkups. In Septmber, I caught a flight to Karratha via Perth from Melbourne, and ended up on the Semi-Sub Atwood Eagle.

Next Well was on the Deepwater Millenium Drillship. This work is 90 minutes off Broome. A cyclone standby was had in town, and I found a new beer... Mango Beer by Matsos. Aside from that brief  delay, I began work in January a well.

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