Tuesday, 21 January 2014

three wells in the desert

Since last she wrote

Been to the desert three times since September- or should I say The Outback.


September to November was near the Cooper Creek, 42 day
contract rather than 21 days, bugger for my bank account, great also for experience with Douglas Short too! A road trip up in a newish Landcruiser with Doug, a dew days layover twice while the camp was full, at "nearby: Innamincka

After that, I had a few weeks off...


Joined up with AWT International as a consultant if they had anything going in Victoria- headhunted almost. The Gippsland thing looks like it is on hold, but would be nice to get as is close to home.


December was a hole nearby the Strezlecki Creek road crossing on the Strezlecki Track, just west by 10km or so, for Strike Energy as consultant wellsite geologist on a coal gas exploration well, a solo role, through AWT International, at a nice day rate. Job was as forecast under time and budget, but do not quote me! Seventeen day contract- velly noice! The Weatherford mudlogging guys, expats from Philippines, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh, had crew change issues and I was the taxi driver.  I too had issues as I had left my security ID badge for SANTOS on my desk at home. And iI did not have a Offroad Licence for the hire car! next course... Getting in and out of Moomba for the airport was a hassle. Job was pretty smooth, got to use or try to get into, a composite log assembly program from GeoScience Software. I think the company got a good coal section where they wanted too. Got back home for New Years Day anyway, out of the heat into the frying pan! Was ~48°C+ the day I left at Moomba. And just as warm back home.


The January well was/is in north central Queensland, "near" Longreach, just northwest of Lake Galilee, a few hours drive via a Hilux 4x4. Nice ride, even over the dirt roads. job entailed a strait forward rotary drilled hole to core point [many a long day... well, three], and a long core interval through formation containing coal beds.

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