Friday, 25 July 2014

Ready For Offshore Work Now

Ready For Offshore Work Now

This week, completed another medical in order to get a certificate to get offshore work, IE a Huet!

Helicopter Underwater Escape Traing
BOISET which includes
  •  Safety Induction 
  • Helicopter Safety & Escape (Including EBS)
  • Sea Survival
  • Firefighting and Self Rescue
yay me, and for small fee, with like, no pain, no gain.

Thanks to support team there and those others out there or back here who look after me like Pete n Loise, Diana, without them, hard to get back into it.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Statoil Campaign Southern Georgina Basin 2014

Statoil Campaign Southern Georgina Basin 2014

Tony Ford Geo Con PL Contract with Stat nearly finished

Well Well Well Well Well

Yes, five wells in the Georgina as a basic Wellsite Geologist is done for the moment, final invoices awaiting.

The campaign, as it was called, required a geology degree person or two for five wells in the Southern Georgina Basin for Statoil, of Norway, to monitor the various services required for obtaining new information about the basin: mudlogging, cores, drill cuttings, wireline data. Descriptions. Measuring. Photographing. Reports. All that gear. And Packing the core, taking some core for specialty analysis. And all that stuff too.

The drilling engineer team and other support people were good, some were contract people like myself that I had worked with before, some Adelaide office/Canadian/US and Norwegian. My off sider, Mike, was new to this area, whereas I had been up the way many years before- I think That Counts As Prior Knowledge Of The Area. Maybe. Mike and I took turns spudding and completing the wells to share the load as the schedule was pretty tight. Stat runs a tight ship, their personnel were obviously professional and the job undertaken with a degree of seriousness that meant business- no prisoners taken! My/our OpsGeo was good, dang good, old Griff had been doing work up that way even before I started there! I was glad at times that he was on the other end of the phone, along with Linn and Rolf above him.

The campaign, five wells, during the second quarter 2014, ended with a heap of nice cuttings and cores, logs and other data for the town office exploration geos to pore over, and make at last a case for something to produce something from in the Southern Georgina Basin.

As usual, cannot be specific about anything remember! And no pics, sorry, of Anything allowed.

The service company guys were all great to work with: Geoservices, Corepro and Weatherford Logging. Anything that needed to be done for us was done, I cannot thank them enough for being supportive to practically a newbie! The Drilling company EDA and the rig EDA2 were not a bad lot, and the catering crew, sometime were Superb in the dinner and lunch offerings. I sort of like the camp structure- all on wheels nearly, but I think that cabins on wheels may rock the place too much when using the stair access. One thing I will have to get used to is the Schramm style single drilling mast, great at drilling, but like watching paint dry while tripping I tell you. Anyway- as I said, everybody did a fine job overall, and I think Stat should be happy with the job done in the time allotted.

Myself, I think I managed time, people, information, travelling and reports rather well- the OpsGeo might slightly disagree there though- always suggesting that that might be better as this sort of thing- as they all do! Spelling, order, time of deposition- Think Tony Think. Yeah- carbonates from the Cambrian are not what I was used to at all, but, now, No Worries Mate. And the bank account for my new company Tony Ford Geo Con PL, is brimming, so I better thank Fendley Consultants for putting my company on their books.

Here's hoping that my performance as a basic wellsite geologist on the Statoil Campaign Southern Georgina Basin 2014 will get me in the front door next time they start up a campaign here in Oz!

Statoil Campaign Southern Georgina Basin 2014

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Half way through latest contract in the desert

Half way through latest contract in the desert

Since February this year,  as a Consultant Wellsite Geologist [or even last September?], my latest contracts have been in central Australia, sorta.

Two in north east South Australia, one in central eastern Queensland and the latest desert jobs- three in south east Northern Territory with two wells left. Mostly all for different oil/coal exploration companies too.

The diary has another contract penciled in for August September in WA and offshore too. Which means upgrading or retraining anyway, like a HUET and other necessary paperwork. I would like to have been in on an exploration/development well closer to home, but then I would have to cut the current job by a well- and there is no way I would do that.

More work. Meaning more time from home and family. Life goes on.

I like that I have been able to perform to the job expectations, meaning the feeling I get - "imposter", arises as the work is done. Somehow I feel "yes- but did I do it properly?" And to fly back out to a job- Yes I have.

FUD is seemingly a rational thought too, and recognising it and over whelming that FUD is a victory, as the work completed to date shows. Ten years out of the Oil Patch and plopping back in and working competently is rewarding, and the latest? Well? Half way latest contract in the desert has to speak for itself. I anm expecting to book another flight pretty soon.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Tony Ford Geo Con P.L.

A new consultancy-  Tony Ford Geo Con P.L.

As of February 21, I am the director of Tony Ford Geo Con P.L.

Consultant Wellsite Geologist.

to be continued

De daaa....

Northern Territory- here we come!