Friday, 11 October 2013

Agenda October to November '13

Agenda October  to November 2013

The desert Job

Doug Short has me along as his off-sider for my third job as consultant. No contracts except handshakes so far, lots of travel food and beer along with a Grand Final.

Waiting for spud and beds at the site. Innamincka, Copley, bed stops along the way- Big Stars, big trucks.

WIll have to investigate graphics programs to do composite logsStarted the desert job end of September, looks like will finish end of October.

Job is north of Moomba, and I am consulting wellsite geologist- night shift. An old friend and colleague, Doug Short is the senior man of the desert job- I consider him as The Mentor, his experience is fantastic, and he
keeps you amused as well.

Updated Linked-In profile, and started another web site for self promotion at this site, a Facebook spin off?

There was a message from a group boss about work in Gippsland next year, so not worrying too much about that yet, nice to have a network growing out there. Wondering whether chasing up insurances have been a great idea, joining a group might mean good money not used well next year- will see what the contract is all about.

That's about the Agenda October  to November '13

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