Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Agenda October '13

Agenda October '13

Looks like a shared desert job in the old oil and gas hunting fields out of Moomba for October.

A little trip to Adelaide, then a shared drive with an old mate up north for a few weeks consultant wellsite geologist work, probably night shift or shared day work, some reports and inspections, pick a zone, all the usual.

Complete the hole, drive back south , then visit a few old friends if the old phone numbers still work, and a favourite winery visit in the Barossa, maybe a sail down the coast.

Nothing else new on the horizon past December at the moment; one of my first clients is not contactable, and I know there is some work by them coming up... A bit worried.

Ready now to be independent consultant wellsite geologist, with public liability extended, just waiting on the PI.

That's the Agenda October folks, wish me luck!

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